Here are some of the top antivirus that you can find on the market. Let’s compare the top software that you can buy to help your computer free from viruses.

✔ Last updated: 2021-01-25

Antivirus software is critical. Even if you are aware of the potential threats, some threats just cannot be prevented without the help of the top antivirus software. It is so easy to click on a malicious ad unintentionally, and before you know it, your computer is affected.

And now, let’s check the top antivirus software that will keep your computer clean.



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Importance of Antivirus Software

One of the common reasons why your computers fail or have problems is the lack of antivirus software. This issue is often overlooked and has a significant consequence for the user.

What Is a Virus?

You can find so many different types of virus these days. But what is a virus? A virus can do a lot of things to a computer, and it relates to the health of your computer. Here are some samples:

1. It will make your computer run slowly
2. It can prevent your computer from booting up
3. It can damage parts of the system, or it can amend how the system operates without the user
s knowledge.
4. It can spread from one machine to another that are connected on a network
5. It can attack other devices by using a machine as a host.
6. It can even send out unauthorized messages.

A virus can be spread quickly. It can be infectious to other computers. Viruses can be transported through flash drives or different types of media that you connect to your computer.

But Where Do Computer Viruses Come From?

Computer viruses usually come from computer programs written to damage other people’s computers, or to steal sensitive pieces of information.

Types of Computer Virus

There are different types of virus. Some other examples of malicious software like spyware are used to steal information, but not all viruses are the same. Here are the other types of virus:

1. Worms – These programs copy themselves to other computers within the network. It will make your computer slow down as they consume larger bandwidth or computer resources.
2. Trojans – Trojans are programs that will make your computer function without your knowledge.
3. Malware: Technically, malware is not classed as a virus. It is just a software that is used to spy on the computer user’s activities and collect private pieces of information. It is also commonly referred to as “spyware.”

So How Can Antivirus Software Help You?

Antivirus software is like the policemen at the entrance of a computer system. It will protect the computer from new threats and the virus that want to sneak out all the time. It will destroy and warn you of the possible threats to the system. The main role of antivirus software is to keep up with the latest threats. But you can only achieve this by updating your antivirus software regularly.