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✔ Last updated: 2022-08-08

When looking for a hotel room to book online, you always have two options, it’s either you book a room directly with the hotel, or you can use a third-party travel website to book. You are probably wondering if it is cheaper to book hotels directly or through a third-party site. Well, that depends on your travel plans.

Now, let’s compare the top hotel booking websites today.


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Booking Hotels Directly vs. Booking Through Third-party Travel Sites

Booking a room online can get overwhelming. But you have two choices when booking a room. You can book directly with the hotel, or you can use a third-party travel website. If you are a financially-savvy traveler, then you would probably wonder if it is really cheaper to book hotels directly, or through a third-party website. But that will depend on your plans.

When Is It Cheaper to Book Hotels Directly?

There are instances when it is cheaper to book directly with the hotel. Here are some circumstances:

1. Reserving an upgraded room
2. Booking an award night room with points
3. Purchasing on-site amenity packages

Awards Nights

You cannot use your points on third party sites unless it is a credit card portal, or if you have a statement credit or travel purchases from your credit card. Rewards nights have to be booked directly with the hotel.

You Want to Earn Loyalty Points

Some hotel programs might not credit your account with rewards unless you book directly, whether you pay for your room using cash on a third-party site. Unlike with airline flier programs, they usually give you points on every flight. But with hotels, they are more strict.

When Is It Cheaper to Book Hotels Through Third-Party Sites

There are a few times when it is cheaper to book hotels using a third-party site:

1. Mystery Deals
2. Last Minute Bookings
3. Travel Packages
4. Non-cancelable Reservations
5. Local Hotels

Priceline & Hotwire Express Deals

There are times that it can be cheaper to book a room with a third-party site, especially when you book a Priceline Express Deal. The only downside with this is that you do not know the name of the hotel until after you have paid.

Priceline express deals claim that you can save up to 60%. Hotwire rates will also let you save up to 60% if you wait until the last minute to book.

But if you want to book in advance, you might want to try mystery deals. But you will save more money by snapping up the same day deal.

Staying at a Local Hotel

Local hotels are often cheaper than major national brands. Local hotels are just as hospitable too – You” get the same experience as you would with a chain hotel and you will pay less.

Travel Packages

Most of the time, hotels also offer travel packages that include flights, hotel nights, and even car rentals that will surely let you save more money. You might want to take advantage of this option with third-party travel packages because some hotels only partner with specific airlines.