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If you are planning to go back to the corporate world, then it is reasonable to look for top job sites! Check out these amazing platforms!


✔ Last updated: 2020-08-10

After weeks of research and interviews with recruiters, we have come up with this list of the top job sites available right now.

When looking for a new job, it is a good idea to create an email account just for the sole purpose of job hunting. This way, it will make your profile and email more professional.

Check out our tips and tricks and the ultimate guide on landing that dream job!



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100+ Ratings

✔ Job search
✔ Personalized cover letter
✔ Imports LinkedIn profile
✔ Mobile Application

Wide range of job postings, free resume posting & imports jobs found all over the web.

100+ Ratings

Caters to entertainment
✔ Validates each job posting

Choose from over a thousand notices and it specializes in entertainment industry

100+ Ratings

✔ Mobile application
✔ Company reviews
✔ Free trial

Read over 11 million company reviews from employees regarding salary, interviews & experiences, provides a free source for job hunters to find open job postings.

100+ Ratings

✔ Variety of job categories
✔ Caters to executives
✔ Free career resources

Free career advice and posting. Employers can also post for free, caters to executives.

100+ Ratings

✔ Easy to use interface
✔ Part time and hourly jobs
✔ Wide range of job

Specializes in part-time and hourly jobs within your local area, free to post resume.

100+ Ratings

✔ Helps find local jobs
✔ Offers educational opportunities
✔ Free resume upload

Free resume posting and it offers business & educational opportunities.

100+ Ratings

✔ Members and employer forum
✔ Specializes in health sector
✔ Extensive resource center

It specializes in health care sector. Can also post resumes for free.

Finding the Best Job Listings

If you are a fresh graduate and a little lost in finding your first job, you might want to check out the different job sites out there. But where do you start?

If you have a specific job in mind, it is really helpful to target those companies from their company websites directly. Most of the time, these companies will list the most current job vacancy there, which may not always be available on major job sites. But if there is no listing, you can still email the human resource department or the hiring management to ask about the job vacancy.

Searching for a Job

When you opt on a search method, the next steps are simple. Just type in your desired position from the job site platform of your choice then hit the search button. You will now find the list of the vacant position that are within your niche.

While doing this, just make sure to narrow down your search to a specific position title so you won’t get overwhelmed.

Use Your Network to Find a Job

You have probably heard that social networks can be a great way to find a job, but when you actually begin emailing your connections, things may become a little unclear.

If your eyes are focused on a specific company, your best bet will be to track down someone who actually works there. You may know someone, or your connection might know someone from that company, and from there, make an effort on how to get an interview.

If your sights are a bit broader, it might be helpful if you let your group of friends know that you are actually looking for a job. That way, it will be a lot easier to get that interview.

When Will I Get a Job

Yes, we have all been there. We have sent a lot of resumes, and no one seems to be answering. But maybe a few have contacted you, but it is not really your piece of cake. But please understand that job hunting can be a long and tedious process.

The primary key to keeping your momentum is to set goals, set a schedule and do things unrelated to job hunting. There are actually people who found their dream job just by doing picking a new hobby. It can help you to be motivated, productive and sane at the same time!