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Are you looking for the top tax solutions that will lift the burden caused by tax debt? We can help you solve your problems with that. Check out this article now!

✔ Last updated: 2023-09-25

If you received a letter from the government informing you that you owe them taxes, then it is just normal that you’d get nervous. But do not worry because there are tax solutions that can help you with that.

Tax solutions and other tax debt relief companies in this industry can negotiate with the state tax agencies and federal agencies to settle tax debts that you can manage. These settlement options may include compromise agreements or payment plants with tax solutions.

Now, we are here to provide you the top tax solution services that can help you with your tax problems. Check out this comparison chart!


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100+ Ratings

✔ E-file federal tax
✔ Import W-2 files
✔ Refund finder

– Excellent accuracy rate, Great customer support, Large knowledge base, Tax compliance tools, all make H&R a good choice for your tax software.

100+ Ratings

✔ Import your W-2 file
✔ E-file 1040EZ/1040A
✔ Calculates EIC

Unbeatable accuracy rate, simple to use filing software, and a good customer support helps you to feel at ease when filing your taxes.

100+ Ratings

✔ E-file federal returns
✔ Tax and audit support

A highly recommended tax software for its easy to use interface, its comprehensive knowledge base and its relatively low price point.

100+ Ratings

✔ Federal tax return
✔ Federal tax extension




A good piece of software for its ease of use, penalty payment guarantee, and its top notch accuracy rate. It is a great choice for tax compliance.

100+ Ratings

✔ Federal e-filing
✔ Fast tax refund
✔ Single or joint filing

Takes care of many complicated tax calculations most people struggle with. A solid and well rounded solution.

What Are Tax Services?

A reliable tax debt relief company will provide you great tax attorneys, good certified public accounts, or also known as CPAs, and they also have agents that are on their payroll. These professionals are allowed to represent you or your business before the IRS according to the United States Law.

Even though most tax debt relief companies claim that they can settle the problems with the IRS, it might not always be the case. There are many requirements in settling this problem, and the IRS has strict eligibility requirements. While you might want to enter into a compromise agreement that will allow you to settle your doubt for a lesser amount, you might not be eligible especially if you have the capability to pay the full amount.

What can These Tax Solutions Offer?

There are different tax solution companies that you can find, but even though it seems that they offer similar services, they don’t.

Here are some of these Tax Solution companies can offer:

1. Offer-in-compromise
2. IRS Fresh Start Program
3. IRS Payment Plans
4. Currently not collectible or CNC
5. Innocent Spouse relief
6. Penalty Abatement
7. IRS audit representation

How These Online Software Works

Preparing your income taxes manually can be very time-consuming. You also have to come to a line on 1030 that will require forms, and you also have to check the schedule. Sometimes, you will need to fill out a worksheet or even chase down a document you received in the mail. And you have to do this exhausting process multiple times.

Good thing that tax websites are here today. These tax websites work a lot differently. You only have to create your account and select which forms you will need, and whether your calculations are correct. You will not have to worry about how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are going to affect your return. All of that is taken care for you in the background.

If you do use a digital preparation solution, it will only feel like you are just filling out forms. These websites are like wizards: They will just ask questions on each page, and you only have to provide the answers. This is way too easier than doing it manually. Everything is just one click away. You may never have to see an actual IRS form or schedule.

Safety and Privacy

Whenever you send sensitive information over the net, you are always at risk. Since taxes are nothing but sensitive data, you must be concerned if you are filing this from a public place. To keep your files and information not compromised, you must always do this task within a network that has good security.

Good thing that you can actually protect your traffic by using VPN. A VPN will let you create a secure tunnel that will encrypt your data.